Telrad consults on all aspects of mobile working, addressing your field, control room and wireless needs, and delivering solutions for mobilising, connecting and empowering your users.

Mobilising and Managing your Field Forces

We are focused on mobilising and managing your field forces, allowing you to benefit from increased organisational efficiency, reduced costs, and improved communications, decision making & safety.

We achieve the above goals through our many years of consulting experience in the fields of wireless and information technology, and of bridging these domains for successful end-to-end solutions spanning control room and field operations. In this way, we are committed to ensuring the right information is delivered to the right operative at the right time, and to helping you fully exploit and greatly capitalise on mission and/or business critical mobile information.

Enabling your Joint Operations with Multiple Agencies

Telrad helps you to develop and implement strategies for multi-agency communications, enabling you to share information and collaborate in synchronised joint operations involving different user groups; for example, field officers from authorities such as counter terrorism, police and transport etc. can be dispatched at an accelerated rate to allow successful inter-agency operations during mission critical deployments.