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Bridging Mobile and IT Worlds

Connecting your mobile users and your control room operators

We provide expert consulting services for mobile IT integration, advising you on connectivity solutions between mobile devices and back-office IT infrastructure, e.g., command & control systems, databases, legacy IT, web-based applications and intranets etc. This enables you to connect your field staff with your control room operators.

Giving you network options

We recommend multi-network solutions so your information can be relayed over your bearer(s) of choice, including evaluation of mobile gateways and multi-channel routers for your in-vehicle and other mobile environments. We work with you to define your network and application policies, whilst assessing your options for mobile coverage, thereby meeting your geographical needs.

Guiding you with your device choices

We assist you to make the best mobile device choices, based on the operational roles of your field workers, taking into consideration form factor & ergonomic needs, wireless operating system, security and field application requirements.

Securely delivering your information to the point of need

We develop your mobile gateway platform requirements and define strategies for relaying, managing and storing your bi-directional information in a secure manner; whilst addressing your need for timely presentation of video, static images, location and textual information to relevant users in the field and/or control room.

Creating mobile business logic meeting your operational requirements

We work with you to pro-actively develop the mobile process workflow for each of your user groups, and support you with the definition of services and applications that fully satisfy your specific business and operational requirements.

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